US Nuclear Introduces 1st & Only, On-the-Spot PFAS Detector as These “Forever Chemicals” Invade Our Bodies & Threaten Health

Los Angeles, CA. November 1, 2022 – US Nuclear (OTC-QB: UCLE) is proud to introduce the world’s first monitors capable of detecting highly dangerous PFAS chemicals in a matter of minutes.  PFAS chemicals have been found in the blood of 97% of Americans, and have been linked to increased cholesterol levels and blood pressure, kidney and testicular cancer, liver and kidney damage, thyroid issues, birth defects, and other serious health problems.

PFAS are a group of about 12,000 chemicals typically used to make products that resist water, heat, and stains. They are known to be ‘forever chemicals’ as they don’t break down naturally and remain permanently in the environment. PFAS are highly mobile and are already widely distributed in water, soil, plants, and animals throughout the world, remaining in humans who ingest it long term.  In fact,

With the realization that PFAS is a very serious health hazard, people are trying to figure out how to measure and reduce PFAS contamination. Traditionally, if you wanted to test your water supply for PFAS contamination, you would need to take a sample and send it to a special lab for testing. However, lab testing is expensive and time-consuming, sometimes taking up to several months to get results.

Fortunately, Technical Associates, a division of US Nuclear Corp., is excited to offer two brand new PFAS monitors capable of detecting PFAS contamination in water or other liquids in a matter of minutes- the PFAS-FIELD (portable) and the PFAS-LAB (stationary). These monitors utilize a proprietary Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) detector to measure the PFAS chemicals through headspace analysis, with detection time ranging from an unprecedented 5 – 60 seconds.

Previous municipality analyses estimate that PFAS chemicals are contaminating the drinking water of over 200 million people and a separate study found widespread contamination of groundwater from private and municipal wells. Part of the issue is the lax regulation that has allowed the hazardous chemicals to go unregulated and unreported for decades—but this is changing with the current administration which is cracking down on regulation. In fact, Maine was just the first state in the nation to implement a law prohibiting products made with PFAS chemicals- it doesn’t go into effect until 2030 but companies are required to start reporting whether their products contain PFAS starting January 2023. The increased public awareness of the dangers of PFAS, in addition to the new laws and regulations, will translate to more testing and reporting which will be a huge catalyst for US Nuclear’s new PFAS testing products.

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