US Nuclear Corp is a publicly traded holding company, Ticker UCLE,

with three subsidiaries specializing in the design and manufacture of radiation, chemical, and biological instrumentation and systems for Nuclear Power and nuclear medicine safety and air and water quality. Strategic partnerships further enhance US Nuclear Corp’s marketing outreach in the fields of UAV Air Forensics, Fusion Energy Technology, medical isotopes, and Brain Machine interface (BMI) technology.



US Nuclear Corp is a spin-off of the Manhattan Project in 1946. With recognition of the incoming nuclear age, development of instruments and equipment was required to safe-guard the health of physicists and engineers from radiation exposure.

The result is US Nuclear Corp’s diverse product line of radiation, and now, chemical and biological detection equipment. Addressing air, water, and workplace contaminants with state-of-the-art instrumentation and systems.

Corporate Structure

Today US Nuclear Corp is Comprised of three Subsidiaries; Technical Associates, Overhoff Technology, and Electronic Control Concepts. Strategic Partnerships Include: Cali From Above, Mifti, Miftec, and Grapheton

US Nuclear Corp’s Overall Market


Potential Market

UAV Air Forensics $4,286m (TAM)​

What to Expect

Innovative Products

US Nuclear Corp is diligently finding solutions to solving some of the world’s largest problems.

Software and Technical Improvements

Updates to software to create ease-of-use for the customer, while giving them access to more features.


Working in cooperation with major power plant operators and electronic/ component manufacturers to create state-of-the art equipment.


Growth through strategic M&A with synergistic companies.

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