A World Leader in Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Measurement

100+ Years of Experience Providing Quality Detection and Monitoring Instrumentation

Developed the Worlds’ Only Comprehensive Real-Time Continuous Water Quality Monitor for Radiation: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Tritium; Chemical and Biological Contamination.

Globally, US Nuclear Corp has the Leading Edge with Air Forensic UAVs; Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Sensors.

Specializing in Air and Water Monitoring

Providing Real-Time Continuous Air and Water Monitoring for a Wide Variety of Industries.


Over 100 years of

Over 100 years of experience providing exceptional radiation detection monitoring instrumentation and systems to the global nuclear industry.


Product development

and manufacturing are two of our key elements. We work closely with industry leaders to design advanced systems to address unmet needs.


The DroneSensor system

uses state-of-the-art industrial-grade drones carrying radiation and chemical sensors. Wireless transmission to the ground station provides real-time data.

US Nuclear Corp

Safety Through Aerial Robotics

The DroneSensor Series utilizes all-weather commercial heavy-lift UAVs with industrial-grade material. Designed for ease of use and quick deployment for radiation and chemical detection drone flight platforms are provided by our strategic partner, Cali From Above.

The all-carbon-fiber frame construction gives the copter strength while making it incredibly lightweight. The UAVs used in US Nuclear Corp’s UAV Air Forensics systems are manufactured in the USA and in a NATO country satisfying various U.S. government agencies’ security concerns.

Commercial-grade brushless motors are highly efficient robust and offer hundreds of hours of worry-free flying. The DroneRad UAVs include the NOA a six-motor copter and the Alta-X, a four-motor copter. These flight platforms fold for easy transporting. Other features include GPS position hold, automatic return to home, intelligent flight modes, and optional waypoint capability.

All components are rugged and weather resistant. These UAVs are capable of flying in wind, light rain, and snow. Wireless video downlink and flight telemetry overlay provide real-time data to the ground station with data archive and retrieval if required.

The UAV Air Forensics systems provided customers with our “attention to detail” service. US Nuclear Corp and Calif From Above recognizes that one size does not fit all. Tailoring UAV systems to our customer’s request is our specialty.

Visit Cali From Above for more Information on UAV flight platforms.

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