• US Nuclear Files S-1 & Welcomes Investment From First Institutional Investor

    Los Angeles, CA.  July 5, 2022 On June 29, 2022, US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) filed an S-1 to register all 28,602,600 shares of common stock, of which 17,602,600 are being offered by the earlyShareholders, and 11,000,000 are being offered as part of US Nuclear’s transaction with Mast Hill Fund LP to raise $611,000 net working capital.  Mast Hill LP also has the option to purchase additional shares to provide US Nuclear with a second tranche of cash.  Mast Hill LP is US Nuclear’s first institutional investor and has paved the way for US Nuclear to use the working capital to drive more sales revenue, streamline production, and work quickly back to profitability now that the worst of Covid and supply chain problems are behind us, hopefully to attract additional institutional investors.

    To drive more sales revenue, US Nuclear is focused on bolstering sales personnel and marketing for high-growth markets, such as nuclear power, drone detection, and safe air-water monitoring.  Nuclear power is making a resurgence as nations struggle with increasing power demands amongst a need for clean energy.  US Nuclear is already garnering new business from this resurgence and is poised to capture much more due to their established network, experience, unique products, and expanded salesforce.

    The working capital will also allow US Nuclear to increase the efficiency of production, improve procurement and supply chain constraints, and build backlogged orders faster to drive more revenue.

    Safe Harbor Act

    This press release includes "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ from expectations, estimates, and projections and, consequently, you should not rely on these forward-looking statements as predictions of future events. Words such as "expect," "estimate," "project," "budget," "forecast," "anticipate," "intend," "plan," "may," "will," "could," "should," "believes," "predicts," "potential," "continue," and similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve significant risks and uncertainties that could cause the actual results to differ materially from the expected results.

    Investors may find additional information regarding US Nuclear Corp. at the SEC website at http://www.sec.gov, or the company’s website at http://www.usnuclearcorp.com


    US Nuclear Corp. (UCLE)
    Robert I. Goldstein, President, CEO, and Chairman
    Rachel Boulds, Chief Financial Officer
    (818) 883 7043
    Email: info@usnuclearcorp.com


  • US Nuclear’s Miniaturized Sensors To Detect Fentanyl, Biohazards, Nerve Agents…

    US Nuclear’s Miniaturized Sensors To Detect Fentanyl, Biohazards, Nerve Agents, War Gases, And More.

    Los Angeles, CA.  June 21, 2022 –US Nuclear (OTC-QB: UCLE) is now providing state-of-the-art miniaturized sensors on their drone and safety monitors to detect hazards that once took an entire laboratory. Mass spectrometers and gas chromatographs are traditionally very large, fixed instruments found in a laboratory, but US Nuclear has sourced highly-sensitive miniaturized versions which are now prominently offered with their drone detection system, as well as other safety systems, such as doorway monitors and portable handheld devices for first responders. These are all used to protect the public at large sports and music venues, border crossings, airports, and shipping ports.

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  • Rising Uranium Prices Precursor to Demand for US Nuclear Products

    Rising Uranium Prices Precursor to Demand for US Nuclear Products

    US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) stands to benefit dramatically from today’s unprecedented challenges in energy production. Big investors and government entities are buying up uranium mines, uranium metal, and investing in the new SMR Small Nuclear Reactors, because they sense an upcoming nuclear power renaissance as the world tries to pivot away from climate changing carbon fuels, especially Russian oil, gas, and coal, while at the same time fearing skyrocketing fuel prices. The last solution remaining to fill this vital gap is nuclear power.

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  • US Nuclear Raised $611,000 Net Working Capital

    US Nuclear Raised $611,000 Net Working Capital

    Los Angeles, CA.  May 17, 2022 – On May 5, 2022, US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) closed on a securities purchase agreement with Mast Hill Fund L.P. to raise $611,000 net working capital through a $0.20 per share fixed price promissory note for common stock, as well as cash warrants with a $0.75 strike price.

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  • US Nuclear And Solar System Resources Building The Future Of The Global Space & Energy Sector

    US Nuclear And Solar System Resources Building The Future Of The Global Space & Energy Sector

    Los Angeles, CA.  May 2, 2022 - US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) and their partner Solar System Resources Corporation have been actively working to develop the future of space mining and technology, with an emphasis on procuring Helium-3, Lithium, Cobalt and rare metals which are desperately needed as energy sources for batteries, advanced microchips and especially for clean, renewable fusion power. 

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  • US Nuclear Corp. Announces Annual 2021 Financial Results

    US Nuclear Corp. Announces Annual 2021 Financial Results

    Los Angeles, CA.  April 26, 2022 - US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE), a leading manufacturer of advanced radiation, chemical, and biological detection, and smart UAV instrumentation, announced the annual results for the year ended December 31, 2021.

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  • US Nuclear’s Drones Detect Radiological, Chemical, Biological Hazards, War Gases, Drugs, & Explosives

    US Nuclear Drones Detect Radiologically, Chemical, Biological Hazards As Well As War Gases, Drugs, And Explosives

    Los Angeles, CA.  April 19, 2022 – US Nuclear (OTC-QB: UCLE) is the only maker of comprehensive integrated drone detection platforms flying sensors to measure all classes of hazardous radiation, chemical, and biological toxins. US Nuclear drones are desperately needed in every major city and country worldwide to provide early warning surveillance, allow interdiction at the border, and safely monitor post-accident fallout. Using novel miniature mass spectrometer sensors, US Nuclear’s drones can automatically detect a very broad range of chemicals, including the very difficult to detect nerve agents war gases, and drugs that typically require laboratory analysis or manually taking samples for testing. 

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  • US Nuclear is Tapped to Bid on 500 to 1,000 High Tech Drones

    Los Angeles, CA.  April 4, 2022 – On April 2, 2022, USN submitted its full proposal in response to a Preferred Source Quote Request from Solar System Resources Corporation Sp. z. o. o. for 500 drones, with the option to buy a second 500-piece tranche (1,000 in total) to support Ukraine.

    Solar System Resources Corporation Sp. z o. o. intensively analyzes and seeks customers to purchase 500 to 1000 drones in Europe in connection with Russia's aggression towards Ukraine.

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  • Drones Reporting For Work

    via The Washington Post

    Like the internet and GPS before them, drones are evolving beyond their military origin to become powerful business tools. They've already made the leap to the consumer market, and now they're being put to work in commercial and civil government applications from firefighting to farming. That's creating a market opportunity that's too large to ignore.

    Drones Reporting For Work

    Between now and 2020, we forecast a $100 billion market opportunity for drones—helped by growing demand for the commercial and civil government sectors.

    Source: Goldman Sachs Research

    Drones got their tart as safer, cheaper and often more capable alternatives to manned military aircraft. Defense will remain the largest market for the foreseeable future as global competition heats up and technology continues to improve.

    Source: Goldman Sachs Reaseach

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    Drones Reporting For Work