US Nuclear Corp is a holding company for the development and manufacturing of a full line of radiation detection instrumentation. This includes drone-mounted radiation and chemical sensors, monitors and systems for water and air quality, and all the related software.

Through our operating divisions, Technical Associates (TA), Overhoff Technology Corporation (OTC), and Electronic Control Concepts (ECC), US Nuclear Corp creates instrumentation sold globally and used every day by today’s vast nuclear industry. This includes nuclear reactors, national laboratories, government agencies, Homeland Security, the US, and NATO military, universities, research laboratories, hospitals, medical and dental centers, the biotech industry, energy companies, first responders, local governments, and a wide variety of manufacturing of everyday products.

Being innovative and forward-thinking, US Nuclear Corp has responded to the need for Aerial reconnaissance for airborne radiation, chemical, and biological threats. Designing and developing the first of its kind, a Drone carrying a variety of sensors provides First Responders with the ultimate tool.

US Nuclear Corp’s products provide safety and early warning detection as well as provide precision in indicating dangerous radioactive levels in the air, ground, and water supply. The Company is the leading provider of Tritium monitors used in nuclear power plants and in the development of fusion power worldwide. US Nuclear Corp’s Overhoff Technology brand provides more than a dozen instruments, both fixed and portable, with diverse features to meet customer-specific requirements for Tritium detection and measurement in air and water.

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Unlike fossil fuel power plants, the only substance leaving the cooling towers of nuclear power plants is water vapor and thus does not pollute the air or cause global warming.


There are 104 reactors in the United States today, Worldwide; there are 441 nuclear power plants.


Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine all get 30% or more of their electricity from nuclear reactors.

US Nuclear Corp is well-positioned to serve the growing market opportunity for radiation safety equipment with both domestic and international sales representatives servicing customers. In addition to the growing demand globally for energy, this includes the manufacturing of many of today’s commonly used products. Unknown to the general public radioactive materials are utilized in the most common products such as instruments with a digital readout such as clocks and microwaves etc. The introduction to manufacturing with Rare Earth, which has radioactive elements in it, will increasingly grow in the manufacturing world and in such common products as cell phones and computers.

As the world’s energy needs grow, the demand for cleaner fuel versus fossil fuels increases. In Asia, energy demand is currently growing the fastest in China. US Nuclear Corp recognizes this unique opportunity to provide their growing need for nuclear radiation monitoring systems and instrumentation.

Global nuclear power generation is projected to increase by more than 73% by 2035. Worldwide, 435 reactors are in operation today, and 63 reactors are under construction, including 26 in China and 6 in India. The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) plans on investing more than $120 billion into nuclear energy projects by 2020.

The aftermath of the-Fukushima tragedy has resulted in more comprehensive safety programs being initiated around the world. This adds increased vigilance towards potential dangers of nuclear energy and has stimulated the purchase for replacement, updated, and increased radiation instrumentation and equipment.

In the United States for the first time in more than 30 years, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2012 approved construction and operating licenses for 2 new U.S. reactors.

Renewal license applications are being processed for 26 reactors in 14 states.

The United States currently produces 19.2% of its electricity from nuclear power. Nuclear power generation is not just less expensive per megawatt-hour, it produces efficient clean baseload electricity regardless of the weather, compared with wind and solar generation. Meeting the energy need of the United States and globally will take a combined effort of all versions of energy production.


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