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  • Surge In Nuclear Power & Fusion Drives Sales to US Nuclear’s Tritium Monitoring Branch

    Surge In Nuclear Power and Fusion Drives Sales to US Nuclear’s Tritium Monitoring Branch

    Los Angeles, CA.  August 1, 2022 – US Nuclear’s (OTC-QB: UCLE) subsidiary, Overhoff Technology Corp., is the world's premier manufacturer of tritium monitoring equipment, whose sales are thriving amid the amazing surge of well-funded nuclear power and fusion plants and projects. Tritium is generated in nuclear reactors as a byproduct of fission during nuclear energy production, is used as the fuel for fusion energy projects such as ITER, and is often used in pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing, exit and gun sight lighting, and maintaining the US nuclear weapons stockpile.

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  • Value of US Nuclear’s Part Ownership of Fusion Pioneer Miftec and Mifti Should Soar

    Value of US Nuclear’s Part Ownership of Fusion Pioneer Miftec and Mifti Should Soar

    Los Angeles, CA. July 19, 2022 – US Nuclear (OTC-QB: UCLE) is an investor, strategic partner, and likely prime contractor in fusion energy companies MIFTEC and MIFTI and should see their investment in these companies soar as both public and private money flows towards the fusion sector in the pursuit of unlimited, clean power.

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  • Client Rolls-Royce to Build 16 Advanced Small Modular Reactors

    Client Rolls-royce To Build 16 Advanced Small Modular Reactors, Plus E.U. Declares Nuclear Is Green

    Los Angeles, CA.  July 11, 2022 – US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) client Rolls-Royce recently announced that their new nuclear reactor is a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) and that they have shortlisted six sites to build a new factory for manufacturing up to 16 of these new SMRs in an effort to secure a stable energy supply and quickly hit net-zero targets.  Furthermore, on July 6, 2022, European Union lawmakers voted to declare nuclear power as “green investments,” thereby opening the door to hundreds of billions of dollars in funding and subsidies and significantly boosting the nuclear sector in the EU and other countries as well. Production of Rolls-Royce’s SMRs and boosting the E.U. nuclear sector will drive additional revenue to US Nuclear, which has an established sales history and is well positioned to capture radiation monitoring packages in these markets, including drone surveillance, tritium, air, water, and stack monitors.

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  • US Nuclear Files S-1 & Welcomes Investment From First Institutional Investor

    Los Angeles, CA.  July 5, 2022 On June 29, 2022, US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) filed an S-1 to register all 28,602,600 shares of common stock, of which 17,602,600 are being offered by the early shareholders, and 11,000,000 are being offered as part of US Nuclear’s transaction with Mast Hill Fund LP to raise $611,000 net working capital.  Mast Hill LP also has the option to purchase additional shares to provide US Nuclear with the second tranche of cash.  Mast Hill LP is US Nuclear’s first institutional investor and has paved the way for US Nuclear to use the working capital to drive more sales revenue, streamline production, and work quickly back to profitability now that the worst of Covid and supply chain problems are behind us, hopefully, to attract additional institutional investors.

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  • US Nuclear’s Miniaturized Sensors To Detect Fentanyl, Biohazards, Nerve Agents…

    US Nuclear’s Miniaturized Sensors To Detect Fentanyl, Biohazards, Nerve Agents, War Gases, And More.

    Los Angeles, CA.  June 21, 2022 –US Nuclear (OTC-QB: UCLE) is now providing state-of-the-art miniaturized sensors on their drone and safety monitors to detect hazards that once took an entire laboratory. Mass spectrometers and gas chromatographs are traditionally very large, fixed instruments found in a laboratory, but US Nuclear has sourced highly-sensitive miniaturized versions which are now prominently offered with their drone detection system, as well as other safety systems, such as doorway monitors and portable handheld devices for first responders. These are all used to protect the public at large sports and music venues, border crossings, airports, and shipping ports.

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  • Rising Uranium Prices Precursor to Demand for US Nuclear Products

    Rising Uranium Prices Precursor to Demand for US Nuclear Products

    US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) stands to benefit dramatically from today’s unprecedented challenges in energy production. Big investors and government entities are buying up uranium mines, uranium metal, and investing in the new SMR Small Nuclear Reactors, because they sense an upcoming nuclear power renaissance as the world tries to pivot away from climate changing carbon fuels, especially Russian oil, gas, and coal, while at the same time fearing skyrocketing fuel prices. The last solution remaining to fill this vital gap is nuclear power.

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  • US Nuclear Raised $611,000 Net Working Capital

    US Nuclear Raised $611,000 Net Working Capital

    Los Angeles, CA.  May 17, 2022 – On May 5, 2022, US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) closed on a securities purchase agreement with Mast Hill Fund L.P. to raise $611,000 net working capital through a $0.20 per share fixed price promissory note for common stock, as well as cash warrants with a $0.75 strike price.

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  • Common Myths About Nuclear Power, Debunked

    Common Myths About Nuclear Power, DebunkedOverall, a slim majority of Americans — 51% — favor the use of nuclear energy for domestic electrical use, while 43% oppose it. No doubt this is thanks in part to the many myths floating around about the use of nuclear power. In order to prevent any misconceptions that might be preventing the U.S. from investing in energy, here are some common myths that surround nuclear power and nuclear investment.

    Myth: Americans are constantly surrounded by nuclear energy and radiation given off from nuclear power plants.
    This is false. While Americans are constantly surrounded by natural occurring radiation, only 0.005% is due to nuclear power. This number is roughly 100 times less than what we’re exposed to from coal, 200 times less than a cross country flight, and about the same as eating one banana a year. All in all, nuclear power plants pose very little threat to the American people, especially when compared to other energy sources.

    Myth: Nuclear power causes global warming and climate change.
    Untrue! In fact, if we take away the barriers to investing in energy, nuclear power could drastically reduce emissions from power plants. That’s because nuclear power plants do not emit any greenhouse gases during operation. Plus, nuclear power plants require less land use than solar and wind power sources.

    Myth: A nuclear reactor can explode like a nuclear bomb.
    It is impossible for a nuclear plant to explode like the nuclear bombs used in war. This is because those weapons contain specialized, advanced materials that have been configured by a nuclear scientist to be harmful. None of these materials are present in a nuclear reactor. Plus, it is important to note that the nuclear reactors that exploded in Chernobyl have never been manufactured outside of the Soviet Union, so this threat is not relevant to our nation.

    Myth: Nuclear waste cannot be recycled.
    Many believe that the waste produced from nuclear reactors cannot be recycled, so it will end up in our atmosphere. This is untrue, and fully 96% of all nuclear waste is reused and/or recycled.

    Myth: Investing in energy companies is a waste of time.
    Actually, many experts believe that the future belongs to nuclear power. More and more Americans are noticing the benefits that come with nuclear energy investment as an emerging field in the stock market.

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