Strategic Partnership

Magneto-Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc. (MIFTI) and Fusion Power

US Nuclear Corp’s Strategic Partnership in Developing Fusion Power

Nuclear (fusion) energy is one of the most promising sources for an unlimited time
frame and economical fuel costs.

For example, one gallon of seawater can produce energy approximately equal to 300 gallons of gasoline energy.

An alternative, with long-term potential, perhaps the only nuclear option with substantially reduced radioactive nature.

Minimal radioactive bi-products and risk to the environment. Fusion energy is what powers the stars in the universe.

Mifti Fusion Generators

Our Goal is to Shut Down and Replace Every Coal Plant with Clean Green Modular MIFTI Generators

Save Our Air, Water, Planet

- What -

A New Modular Clean Green Source of Electric Power

- Why -

Demand for Electric Power is Increasing. Solar, Wind, and Tide, Biomass are Helpful Unfortunately Coal-Fired Plants are Still Operating.

- How -

Mifti Generators: Save Our Air and Lungs, Save Our Water Supply, Save Our Planet: Cancel Co2 Emissions

- Where -

Power Grid, NATO Nuclear Navies, Remote Towns/Facilities NASA – US Space Force Moon Base and Mars Colony

NASA and New US Space Force Are Considering Fusion Energy to Power Moon, Mars Bases and Ships That Will Take Us Into Space


NASA has just released the “Artemis Accords – Guidelines For Humans to Abide by in Space.” This also covers the protection of the astronaut’s basic infrastructure including their major assets: spaceships and our Moon Base and Mars Base power plants. Ideally, these should all be Fusion Powered.

With little spare oxygen on spaceships and none on the Moon and on Mars, most conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels will not burn and are not useful.

– Nuclear fission is not safe and produces waste.
– Solar cells do not generate adequate power.
– Leaving Fusion Energy the most desirable energy source.
– Safe, most powerful energy source is known. It powers the sun.
– Fusion power is not subject to runaway meltdown like fission nuclear reactors.
– Fusion power generates minimal waste.

NASA and the US Space Force need a clean, high powered, compact, safe, energy source for spacecraft propulsion, and establishing operations on the Moon and colonizing Mars.

Fusion Energy Feeding the Power Grid of the US and the World Would Save Our Planet From the Effects of Air and Water Pollution and Green House Gases Resulting From Coal and Gas Fired Power Plants

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