Strategic Partnership

Medical Isotopes A Global Crisis

MIFTEC, a division of MIFTI is posed to produce medical isotopes through fusion power instead of the risky fission power currently utilized.

This process will produce scanning isotopes at a fraction of the cost and production time.

US Nuclear Corp’s strategic partnership with MIFTEC provides exclusive manufacturing and sales rights for the medical isotope generators in North America and Asia.

Medical Isotopes A Global Crisis

A Global Crisis

A Global Crisis

Only six reactors, with an average age of 53 years in the world, produce Molybdenum-99. Licenses on four reactors expire in less than 10 years.

– Global radioisotopes demand today: $10B.
– Will reach $17B by 2021.
– 80% of this is for diagnostic medicine.
– US demand-50%. Europe-20% approx.
– No Major Suppliers in the USA.


US Nuclear Corp and Top Nuclear Fusion Star, MIFTEC Inc., Race to Fill $10B per Year Medical Isotope Shortage.

US Nuclear Corp signed an agreement with MIFTEC Labs for a revolutionary way to

produce medical radioisotopes with MIFTEC’s magneto-inertial fusion generator.

Production of low-cost medical isotopes are currently in very short supply, globally.

Nuclear Medicine, Imaging Diagnosis, and Treatment: Millions of patients are being

denied diagnostic scans due to deteriorating sources for scanning medical isotopes

from Russia, Belgium, Canada, and South Africa. While many are in pursuit of production

and commercialization, there are currently No Major Suppliers in the USA.

Cost Structure to Produce Medial Isotopes

Cost Structure to Produce Medial Isotopes

MIFTEC’s Competition in Development of Medical Isotopes