Los Angeles, CA.  October 25, 2021 – US Nuclear’s (OTCQB: UCLE) partner Grapheton recently hired a new CEO, Terry Lingren, to accelerate product development by raising funds and allowing founder and CTO Sam Kassegne to focus on research and development.

Sam is the creative genius behind Grapheton’s glassy carbon supercapacitor technology that can benefit us all by speeding up EV chargers, augmenting or replacing EV onboard batteries, developing a new generation of computer chips with tiny supercapacitors, and advancing the treatment of neurological diseases and brain, spinal, and prosthetic cases. Mr. Lingren has significant experience raising capital, growing profitable businesses, and bringing high-tech products to market-clearing the way for rapid product development at Grapheton. Sam and Grapheton are also assisted by a scientific advisory board of 5 prestigious members specializing in fields such as bioengineering, neural technology, rehabilitative technology and medicine, microfabrication, and commercializing cutting-edge technology.

Grapheton is in several emerging industries (brain-computer interface, neural probes, and devices, supercapacitors for EV charging, and computer chip applications) which are clear opportunities for investors. Looking forward, Grapheton expects to have a number of income streams from these emerging industries where its patents and disruptive high-tech products and services are highly needed.


About Grapheton, Inc.

Founded in 2019, Grapheton is an early-stage company commercializing brain probes and power sources made from glassy carbon and graphene. These probes are completely biocompatible, corrosion-resistant, and non-toxic and can remain in the body for over ten years, unlike other probes which must be replaced every two years or less. Dr. Kassegne, a professor at San Diego State University who had served as Deputy Director of the National Science Foundation’s Center for Neurotechnology, has worked for over ten years with collaborators at the University of Washington and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He and his team have three patents around the use of glassy carbon for brain probes and supercapacitors, as well as interconnecting glassy carbon with graphene.

Contact Grapheton:
Terry Lingren
(619) 990-5728


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