Los Angeles, CA.  November 9, 2021 – US Nuclear (OTCQB: UCLE) recently partnered with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Radiation Emergency Preparedness Team to conduct a multi-agency flight training operation at the Calamityville Training Center in Ohio on June 22-23, 2021, showcasing USN’S unique ability to fully integrate its radiation payload data by connecting directly to the RadResponder Network.  US Nuclear is currently the only drone vendor that has done this.  The training exercise involved US Nuclear’s DroneRad system flying a perimeter around crashed vehicles to measure, map, and report the fallout from a radiological hazard.

Participants of the training operation included: US Air Force, US Nuclear Corp, Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio Department of Health, and Wright State University.

The RadResponder Network is the national standard for the management of radiological data, created by a collaboration between FEMA, DOE, NNSA, EPA, and DTRA.  It enables organizations to rapidly and securely record, share, and aggregate large quantities of data while managing equipment, personnel, interagency partnerships, and multijurisdictional event space.

With RadResponder, radiological hazards measured by US Nuclear’s drone systems are reported real-time to all relevant agencies (state, federal, local), allowing them to rapidly identify and react to threats.

Pictured above is a flight training operation performed with US Nuclear equipment at the Ohio Training Center. The scenario features a jet plane that has crashed with a radiological hazard. US Nuclear’s DroneRad flew an automatic search pattern to measure the fallout of the radiological hazard, with color-coded mapping software showing exactly where the hazard is.

US Nuclear has been enjoying increased interest and sales of their DroneRad system due to its unique detection and mapping of radiological, biological, and chemical hazards and ability to connect to RadResponder for radiation safety and defense.  ODH recently purchased a DroneRad system from US Nuclear.  US Nuclear provides drone systems that feature a truly outstanding 7-hour flight time and range of up to 10 miles depending on local regulations.

Benefits of US Nuclear’s DroneRad System:

  • Fast and cost-effective coverage of large areas
  • High sensitivity and identification of the type of radiation
  • Worker protection
  • Fast deployment prior to First Responder’s entering hazardous areas
  • Ability to quickly and safely search out and detect a radioactive source in a vehicle or building
  • Enhanced and cost-effective maintenance surveys for Nuclear Power Plants, Radiation Waste Repositories, Uranium Mines, Waste Disposal areas, etc.
  • Wireless data download to ground station or First Responder cell phones
  • Data archive and retrieval for historical documentation

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