US Nuclear Eyes Moon Missions

Fusion the energy of choice for NASA space travel plans.

By MARK R. MADLER Staff Reporter

Radiation detection manufacturer US Nuclear Corp. is getting behind the U.S. space program.

The Canoga Park company, through its partners Magneto Inertial Fusion Technologies Inc. and MIFTEC Laboratories Inc., is promoting the use of a new type of fusion energy that can be used to power spacecraft to Mars and for colonies on that planet as well as the moon.

US Nuclear owns a 10 percent stake in Magneto Inertial, in Tustin. MIFTEC Labs is a subsidiary of that company.

Last year, Magneto Inertial achieved a major milestone at the University of Nevada, Reno National 1 million amperes, Terawatt Facility by generating more than 10 billion neutrons from each pulse of the company’s staged Z-Pinch fusion generator.