AEHS – Association For Environmental Health And Sciences Foundation
32nd Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air

San Diego, March 20-23, 2023 19-22, 2023

US Nuclear participated in the 32nd Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air in March, known as AEHS WEST in San Diego. Technical Associates, the design and manufacturing division of US Nuclear, has an extensive product line of detection and monitoring instruments. The diversity of Technical Associates’ product catalog providing radiation, chemical, and biological detection and monitoring, and environmental health is at the forefront of TA’s product offerings.

Water, air, soil, and power instruments for detecting radiation, chemicals, and biologicals fit nicely with this year’s theme of the AEHS WEST. There was quite a bit of interest in the PFAS-TA-L and the PFAS-TA-F. Our product is a new technology in the marketplace for determining if PFAS chemicals are in the air or water. PFAS chemicals are the ‘forever’ chemicals often in the news. Detection of PFAS chemicals has typically been an expensive and laboratory-intensive process. With the PFAS-TA-L and the PFAS-TA-F instruments, there is an immediate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the presence of PFAS chemicals.

The manufacturing of many standard products and the products themselves can contain PFAS chemicals, of which there are many. Here are just a few:

  • Cleaning products, rain gear: umbrellas, raincoats, boots, gloves, etc.
  • Nonstick cookware, paints, varnishes, and sealants.
  • Personal care products include shampoo or floss, nail polish and eye makeup, and contact lenses.

The diversity of the instruments Technical Associates provides covering environmental health was of great interest to the AHES attendees.