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Presidential Inauguration
US Nuclear Corp is proud to announce the Aerial Radiation Detection instruments of the DroneRAD system. In this time of multiple threats to our security: dirty bombs; cyber crime; shooters in public places; homemade bombs; misin-formation; etc. we feel extremely vulnerable; perhaps more vulnerable than ever before. With the advent of Drone technology now available for commercial applications, tech-nology previously only held by the military, the opportunity has come to unite Drone Technology with aerial sensors. Drone mount-ed aerial sensors are typically: thermal, radar, camera, surveillance, and sensors to monitor the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) systems.
Now there is the DroneRAD Radiation detection instruments mounted on a Drone for aerial radiation detection, surveillance, and locating. Technical Associates, a divi-sion of US Nuclear Corp, provides sensors for both airborne radiation and for the search and location of radioactive materials: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron. Gas filter sample collection for chlorine, biological particulates, and aerosols such as anthrax and nerve gas is also available via the DroneRAD.
Partnering with FlyCam UAV the DroneRAD detector system is mounted on FlyCam UAV’s Cypher 6 drone for Aerial Radiation Detection, the first of its kind. Utilizing a six motor drone copter provide security, a ten pound payload, and longer flight times. Applications for this technol-ogy are diverse such as airborne radiation detection in terms of a plume, search detector for dirty bombs or questionable pack-ages, field surveys for depleted uranium. The benefits of Aerial Radiation Detection are many including: saving man hours com-pared to handheld detection of large areas; protection of the operator by remote detection of smuggled source; remote surveillance of buildings and vehicles; mapping airborne plume emissions from stacks or other sources; mapping background radiation of large areas; monitoring facility perimeters which promotes maintaining regulatory compliance; avoiding exposure during a questionable event.

US Nuclear Corp provides the DroneRAD Detector System: sensors and software and readout technology; FlyCam UAV’s Cypher 6 drone with controllers and hard shell case for ease of transporting the full system; and flight and radiation measurement instruction. Nuclear radiation sensor instrumentation suitable for Drone application is new to the market place. The DroneRAD system has a widely diverse application and includes con-ducting Gamma and/or Neutron radiation surveys of the ground, buildings, and vehicles, Uranium surveys of landfills and K-40; back-ground radiation surveys for construction and development, and airborne hazards.The DroneRAD system mounted on FlyCam UAV’s Cypher 6 drone provides a  versatile, durable, and easy to use system and has an approximate launch time of five min-utes with wireless download of data. 
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MicroCap Review

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